Merloesa is a Mexican company that started operations in 2007 with the objective of developing innovative proposals in the oleochemical global market. It has two lines of products that have developed under the name of CEREUS and VELAFACIL.

CEREUS Advanced Chemistry

It offers a variety of products, such as, fully hydrogenated fats , distilled fatty acids, USP and technical grade glycerin ,among others. It also offers food-grade solutions to harden cardboard and prevent it from collapsing in cold rooms, release agents for forming stainless steel parts and some others for the manufacture of crayons, just to give an example.


VelaFacil offers formulations focused on the production of food-grade candles that don´t generate smoke nor change odor and color in candles.

Both brands operate dynamically developing products tailored to the needs of our customers, innovating and offering competitive advantages.


Mision and Vision:


MERLOESA is a socially responsible trading company oriented to offering specialized products of excellent quality focused on serving economically, environmentally and socially solvent customers that operate within the oleochemical market, backing its products with recognized suppliers, and a team of human talent committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction.


By 2025, own recognized brands that reflect our commitment to comply with the highest quality standards as well as excellence in service for a fair price, which must be the basis for serving 15% of the Oleochemical market in Mexico and 1% of the United States oleochemical market..



Our Values:

Business Ethics

We work inside the state of law, respecting the laws and normativities active. Promoting a business environment free of corruption and attached to team work construction known for their professionalism.


We develop unique and high value solutions for our clients.

Health and Safety

We make the health and safety of our collaborators a priority every day. We promote a participatory culture in prevention of risk situations.


Economics, Social and Environment. We value the long time businesses that let us keep developing in a business and personal level while we take care of having a healthy environment for the future generations.